Dooh Signature

Dooh Signature Restaurant at the Beut Makken Hotel in Werwick has a team of talented chefs who prepare and serve Italian and Mediterranean dishes in addition to the best Arabic dishes.

Experience a range of signature dishes prepared to suit your taste at Dooh Signature.

Dooh Signature Restaurant serves a breakfast buffet with a rich menu of gourmet dishes by our most talented chefs.

The “Dooh Signeture” restaurant at the Mekken Hotel of Warwick is distinguished by its distinctive outdoor and indoor seating that allows you to enjoy your meal at all times.

Chef Corner

Eating Saudi in a modern way
The restaurant offers the most delicious Saudi cuisine in different ways and different types of chicken and cook in several ways and for the first time Mandy # Hashi and # bath

The restaurant also serves on-site barbecues with barbecue, salads, entrees and bread

Dooh Cafe & Restaurant

The idea of Dooh restaurant was to serve meals, that began with pies and sandwiches, then developed into a wide range of items and even we served parties/outdoors services
We decided to challenge all the dishes we offer to our dear guests through the day, week and year